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Individuals, professionals, households, agencies and associations actively pursuing Alternative Multi-Unit Housing Provision in Australia will be invited to participate in one-on-one interviews to discuss their experiences/motivations/challenges, and more.  


Professionals engaged in live AMUHP projects will be invited to continue the conversations established in initial interviews with (briefer) follow-up discussions as their projects progress. The researcher will also request permission to attend some project specific group meetings where possible.


The top left diagram (click to open) gives an overview of the planned range of participants.  


In addition to standard data analysis techniques, including thematic and dialogue analysis, the research will examine the complex networks of housing provision proposed by participants through a visual mapping analysis (eg bottom left).


This ongoing project is self-instigated by the researcher and is undertaken without external funding.  Research outcomes will be openly shared with all participants and will inform future academic papers and presentations.

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