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Jasmine Palmer has qualifications and professional experience in Architecture and Sustainable Design.  She is a lecturer in the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia.


Jasmine's research rests within a broad conceptualisation of ‘sustainable urban futures', with previous research ranging from residential design for future heatwaves to waste minimisation in commercial buildings and sustainable design pedagogy.  Her recent (2016) PhD research focused on design and provision of self-organised multi-unit in-fill housing, drawing on cases in Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.  The thesis presents a unique visualisation of housing provision networks through an actor-network lens and extracts lessons from international cases to advance more sustainable urban housing in Australia.  This ongoing interest in housing design and provision is inspired by previous experiences in architectural practice. 


Research Skills: In-depth interviews, focus groups, research charrettes, document review, literature review, precedent analysis, thematic analysis, design testing, discourse analysis, case studies, comparative research, network theory, systems design, network mapping, actor-network theory.


Click on the image to the left to access a thesis summary.  Additional publications from the thesis are included on Research Gate.

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