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The research aims to produce knowledge to advance the development of alternative multi-unit housing provision sectors in Australia.


[1] enable those who want to develop a multi-unit community to do so, working together with their future neighbours to build their own living environment,

[2] examine how the roles of existing and new professional stakeholders change when we 'develop without developers' in Australia.


The primary research question is:  "What are the impediments to Alternative Multi-Unit Housing Provision in Australia?"

and other questions addressed will include:

  • What alternative multi-unit housing provision is occurring in Australian cities?

  • Who are the key stakeholders in such housing provision?

  • What barriers to alternative provision are experienced?

  • How are these experienced or viewed differently by different stakeholders?

  • Why do some projects succeed and others fail?

  • What professional or governmental support or intervention is appropriate to successfully realise the living environments proposed by stakeholders?

  • How can professional capacity/skill respond to support the reconfiguring of actant roles pursued by stakeholders?


My ultimate aim is to see you, as a participant, working together with other households and professionals to self-develop your future homes; building a more sustainable, resilient, and collaborative urban future for Australian cities.

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