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Pursuing urban consolidation, Australia's strategic urban plans entrust the implementation of infill housing to 'the market.'  Speculative developers' short-term interest in the buildings they produce lead to split incentives on matters of use value, sustainability, and maintenance.  This raises concerns regarding building quality and long-term built and social legacies of current infill development.  


In parallel, an increasing number of Australian households are willing to embrace multi-unit living but are limited to buying existing units or off-the-plan dwellings, which frequently fall short of the design quality and amenity desired by owner occupiers.  The profit seeking and commodification which currently dominates multi-unit housing provision denies future residents the capacity to influence their own future living environments.  


To consolidate the Australian Dream it is necessary to bridge the design and amenity gap between free-standing dwellings and multi-unit housing: to disrupt the existing processes of provision and enable future residents to participate in design decision-making, shaping alternative urban living environments into the future.

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